Cleaning during Covid-19

Updated January 2021

What are we doing....

We want to inform you of the actions we are taking as a business to protect our cleaners and our clients as far as possible during the COVID-19 outbreak.
You will, of course, know that the government has ordered that people should stay at home wherever possible.
However Cleaners are one of the few exceptions and by their nature are considered to be key / essential workers. 

Therefore we will.....

  1. Keep in constant contact with all our cleaners and clients to ensure that all possible precautions are taken.
  2. Ask that we are informed immediately if anyone at our customers premises show any symptoms associated with COVID-19.  
  3. Will also inform our clients if any member of our staff or their households show symptoms associated with COVID-19.
  4. Will endeavour to ensure that the same cleaners attend the same customer.
  5. Will were possible, ensure that our cleaners only use our clients cleaning materials to avoid any potential for cross-contamination. 

Government Advice (Latest)... 

  1. Cleaners may continue to work provided that the person carrying out the work has no symptoms and that no-one in the premises is shielding or self-isolating.
  2. Social distancing of at least 2 metres must be maintained.
  3. Travel to and from this type of work is permitted.  
  4. No work should be carried out by any trades person who has any symptoms of any kind.

Our Rules...

  1. Cleaners must not clean if anyone in their household has symptoms (of any kind), is shielding or self-isolating.
  2. Our Customers must not allow cleaning if anyone at their premises has symptoms of any kind, is shielding or self-isolating.  
  3. Customers must stay in a different room to that of our cleaners and social distancing of at least 2 meters must be maintained at all times.
  4. Cleaners must not, under any circumstance, take any non-Onward Commercial Ltd staff with them to clean. 

Social Distancing & Face Coverings...

Cleaning is one of the few exceptions, allowed by Government, to continue to work in peoples homes. 
It is also essential that our cleaner respect Government guidelines as well as our customers wishes when they are entering the property.
Therefore we we will ensure that:

  1. Our Cleaners will, at all times, observe social distancing of 2 metres from anyone in the property
  2. Although the wearing of Face coverings (masks) is not mandatory, if our customers request our cleaners to wear one, then will respect such requests.

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